Training Equipment And Supplies


Garmin’ has been making it easier for dogs to learn for over thirty years. Since 1968, Garmin has been devoted to providing the safest, most reliable training tools on the market. This year they’ve taken a giant step further, introducing a revolutionary new line of electronic training products, each designed specifically for your type of training. Products good enough for the top professional, good enough for you. For 30 years, handlers of champions have been using Garmin products. You may never take your dog to the National Championship, but you can reap the benefits of the innovation, quality and reliability that the best trainers in the world have demanded of Garmin for the last three decades. Their products are simple to operate. Dogs act quickly, which is why it is essential for you to be able to react just as quickly. If you don’t, you can miss the split-second opportunity to correct his behavior and help him learn. This is why the folks at Garmin place a high premium on making it easy for you to use their products. Garmin pioneered the development of “continuous” and “momentary” stimulation, and both are patented. One or both are found on all Remote Trainers and are key to making it easier for your dog to learn. Low-level continuous stimulation is excellent for introducing the collar to any breed of dog. At higher levels, it’s your best way to stop an unwanted chase.

Momentary stimulation is the perfect attention-getter , ideal for working in the field with an advanced dog. Pre-set levels prevent an error of holding the button down too long. Use it to reinforce commands that your dog already knows. You no longer change intensity contact points at the collar when you want to change intensity levels. These levels are now quickly and easily adjustable by a knob on the top of the hand-held transmitter, allowing for a great range of intensities that can be more conveniently tailored to any situation or dog. Intensities levels are consistent and reliable. You still have the capability of instantly selecting low, medium and high stimulation by touch. This feature is crucial for the trainer who must have the extra flexibility to react quickly and instantly to whatever the dog is doing , at any time. There’s no need to glance down at your transmitter to see what button to set, thereby missing an opportunity to instantly correct your dog’s behavior. Diamond Brook Kennel is a Vermont pet boarding, pet grooming facility and Vermont Labrador Breeder that offers Garmin dog training equipment, Labrador Retrievers, pet supplies, pet food, Vermont Water Dogs, Garmin Electronic dog training equipment and more. We have been serving the Vermont area for 23 years. We pride ourselves on our customers satisfaction. Everything is simple. You won’t have to try to program your equipment like a VCR.


Learn more about the various Garmin, select a model below:

  • Alpha® Dog Tracking & Training System
  • Astro® Bundle (Astro 320 and T 5 Dog Collar)
  • BarkLimiter™
  • BarkLimiter™ Deluxe
  • Delta Sport™
  • Delta Sport™ XC
  • Delta Upland™
  • Delta Upland™ XC Handheld
  • Delta®
  • Delta® XC
  • Delta® XC/Delta Sport™ XC Dog Device
  • Delta®/Delta Sport™ Dog Device
  • PRO 550 System, North America
  • PRO 70 System, North America
  • PRO Control 2
  • PRO Trashbreaker™ System, U.S.
  • PT 10 Dog Device (PRO 70/PRO 550), Blue Collar
  • T 5 Dog Device
  • TB 10 Dog Device (PRO Trashbreaker)
  • TT™ 15 Dog Device