Boarding  (closed)

  • Dog Boarding $40/da. Multiple dogs in the same kennel run will be $30/dog.
  • Cats $25/da
  • Exotics (birds, etc) $25/da with your cage
  • Walks 5-10mins. $8
  • Socialization $50 (often done in 2 sessions)
    15-30 min. (swim, play ball, romp)
  • Day Care $20/da
  • Incontinent or Geriatric Animals $75/da
  • Medication (must be vet prescribed) $1./pill/ dose
    Innoculation $3.00/shot
  • After Hours Fee $50
  • Rates are variable and may change without notice

A day starts at 8 AM. Checkout time is 11 AM of any following day. All dogs are charged for the day they come into the kennel, regardless of the time AND the day they leave if it is after 11 AM. The dog is NOT charged for the exit day if it leaves before 11 am. Dogs entering prior to 8 AM and/ or leave after 6 PM are charged the after hours fee of $50. (Example, if you enter at 8 am, and leave at 1 pm the following day, you are charged for 2 days).  Check-in and check-0ut is by appt.

Call us for discounted rates which are based on 30 day stays.