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 Welcome to Diamond Brook Kennels!

Rodney and Barbara Mack began Diamond Brook Kennel in 1982. Rod left teaching high school and completing a Master’s +45 program to “go to the dogs”. His passion for training dogs needed to be supplemented and a complete immersion in the dog business was the answer.

Barb was a buyer in a large department store and began her journey in support of her husband, her artistic eye, as well as her love of pets complemented this endeavor perfectly. When the reponsibility of becoming DBK’s head groomer was thrust upon her, she hired a 20 year veteran of grooming and began her new career. The experience gained over the last 35 years of grooming and education has made her reputation of one of the finest ‘finish’ groomers in the area.

Diamond Brook Kennel is a pet boarding, pet grooming facility and Labrador breeder that offers Garmin dog training equipment, Labrador Retrievers, pet supplies, pet food, and dog training near Rutland VT. We have been serving the Vermont area since 1982. We pride ourselves on our customers satisfaction.

Thanks, Rod and Barb



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