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***************Sane is due to whelp about April 15, A very nice repeat breeding to Mack***************

Diamond Brook’s Tb Common Sense (“Sane”), QAA

diamond brook - Sane

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Kozminski’s Bentley MH


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Diamond Brook’s Rapid Congnition MH (Blink)


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Diamond Brook’s Sharp Enuff, MH, QAA (Edge)


Has qualified last 10/11 AKC Master level, Has finished the last 6 of 7 QA2 with two firsts.

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Diamond Brook’s Hannah ToMe MH


Chase X Ticket (Swift River’s Speed Trap,MH, QAA) 2011 record 6/6 Master at 2 yrs. 2009 record 5/5 Master, numerous Qual placements since Now in field trial training.

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Diamond Brook Mack MH


2 MH legs at 17 mos.  1 Qualifying Jam at 24 mos We will finish up his MH this season Penn Hips 90%, CNM, EIC clear, eyes clear,  Cerf pending. Mack was the #5 Qualifyng dog in Canada in 2014, 2 wins, 1 & 2nd. 6 Can. open points in 3 starts

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Diamond Brook’s Politically Incorrect MH


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